The best way to impress a professional is to show him/her your genuine interest for the industry with your insights. The best insights you can get are from the Pros. Below are couple resources you can check out prior to your meeting. 

I) Professional Association websites most professions will have one. Look at their upcoming events and blogs. Learn the hot topic and industry buzzwords.

II) Industry Conferences – Type into Google search: ‘your industry’ ‘conference’ ‘location’ and see what comes up. Then look into the topics being covered and speakers bio, that should give you a better idea what industry professionals are interested in. If there is one coming up soon, you can even ask the professional, are you going to the xxx conference? He/she is going to thinking – wow this kid is for real!  :)

Be creative with your online search, you may find a few gems on industry publications. It is also wise to ask the professional ‘how do you stay current with the news/ movements in your industry ?’, to get their input on industry resources you can follow.

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