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The purpose of a profile statement is to explain to employers what you have to offer and why you are interested in the chosen career field. It is wise to include 1)  your education, 2) job specific skills, and 3) proven ability or past experience. Try to limit the excessive use of soft skills and personality traits as they do not add much weight to your resume. Your personality shines in person, not on paper. 

For positions that require technical skills such as finance, engineering or any science-related field, you can title your profile as ‘Core Competencies’ or ‘Highlights of Qualifications’ and lay out your skills in bullet point format. You can also choose to omit this to save room for your ‘skills’ and ‘related projects’ on your resume. 


A profile is also recommended if:

1) you are floating your resume around through your network eg family friends or fraternity etc, it is important to express your specific career interest so it gets to the right decision maker 

2) you are a unconventional applicant, eg you are a social sciences student who has passed the Chartered Financial Analyst Level One exam looking for a finance position, then I would highly recommend highlighting this as well as your career goals on your profile.

Lets review the profiles below for a business development position in a tech startup company :

Candidate A

An efficient and organized student with multitasking skills. Excellent communicator and team player. A Fast learner with great attention-to-detail skills looking for a summer sales position in a fast growing company.

(Here we highlighted a set of soft skills, are they relevant to the job description? Are you supporting these statements with accomplishments listed on your resume?)

Candidate B

An ambitious third year economics student with a track record in KPI driven sales environment . Proven ability in strategic relationship management and sales strategy as demonstrated in current club involvement. Fluent in English and Mandarin. 

(Here we highlighted the language skills, some job related skills and proven sales track record.)

Candidate C

  • Three years of experience in customer-facing sales in a business solutions environment
  • Winner of the XXX case competition
  • Fluent in English and Mandarin

(Here we highlighted the language skills, competitive personality and proven sales track record)

Who would you invite for an interview?

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