Prepping for Aptitude Tests

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Happy new year everyone! Sorry this is a bit overdue, as I am still recovering from my jet lag from Asia. I have received a number of emails on prepping for aptitude tests over the holiday, and would like to share with you some resources available online.

Prepping for aptitude tests

Aptitude tests are used as a standardized way to benchmark job candidates’ abilities to perform specific tasks. There are usually three components to it: numerical, vocabulary and inductive logic.

Time management is key, always find out the number of questions and time given beforehand. My advice is first identify your weakest area, then work on practice questions to improve your test scores.

Most companies use one of the following test providers:

SHL    Kenexa    Cubiks  Saville

More practice tests:

Job Test Prep 

Assessment Day

KPMG Mock Aptitude Test

McKinsey Practice Tests

There are countless resources available online. You can always type in the name of your targeted employer and ‘practice tests’ into Google and see for searched results.

This is not rocket science after all. Happy practising and good luck!

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